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Sydney > CBD/Metro/Inner East & West
27 Mar 2018
26 Apr 2018
Content / Social Media
Job type
Casual / Contract / Temp / Vacation


Platinum Media & Communications is seeking a Digital Content writer to work with the agency on a project by project basis.

Working across a variety of clients as required, we are looking for a strong writer whom has experience with the following skills:

* Write Blog Posts

* Brainstorm and research topics for content

* Edit existing client content, portals or guides with a focus on consumer

* Develop consumer guides and corporate information packs

* Create and generate social post captions

* Develop concepts and copy for EDM activities

* Develop SEO optimised copy for website and supporting digital channels

In order to be considered for this role, you will:

– Be available a minimum of 2-3 days per week when projects are live

– Have a strong interest in Digital marketing, SEO and content marketing

– Know the basics of PR and content writing

Have great attention to detail

Adaptable writing styles and category experience and/or understanding (Range of categories will include Home renovation and build market, Beauty, Luxury Jewellery and corporate communication.

Possess interview and writing skills

Research and Analytical skills routed in factual references

Would be required to work on site with existing team to understand projects and client requirements.

Good Communicator – Oral and Verbal

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How you can win the content Writing Game

Samuel Nathan Kahn
Samuel Nathan Kahn

Today’s, online content has become a primary source that people use to communicate with others. No matters whether you are a small business owner, marketer, or a blogger, improving your content writing crafts is crucial to succeeding in the digital world.

More you practice, better you will get, says Samuel Nathan Kahn.

Actually, content writing is a critical skill and mastering it helps people stay apart in the competitive world. Sound difficult? No need to worry!

For people who are looking some tips to improve their content writing abilities in order to become an efficient writer, here are some ways that genuinely help them:

  1. Double Check Your Writing: Rechecking content for spelling mistake is not enough. Because spelling errors are not only things that make the content junky. But difficult to read sentences, overusing adverbs and more passive voice also make it crappy.

You should use different available free to use tools to check the content for common mistakes on a regular basis. Following are some free to use apps for improving your writing skills:

  • Hemingway App
  • Edit Minion
  • Slick Write
  1. Make Killer Headlines Using Some Free Tools: Headline is one of the crucial aspects to consider for writers. This is because a headline can make or break the blog. However, a headline is the reason people decide to read the post, tweet, retweet, and share.

Hence, individuals have to spend some time to come up with an eye-catching or appealing heading. Following tools can grade the headlines and tell if they are not too long or using too many common words etc.:

  • Co Schedule Headline Analyzer.
  • Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer.
  • Share Through Headline Analyzer.

Samuel Nathan Kahn has suggested these free headline analyzer tools that help writers to get most out of the headlines.

  1. Formatting is the Best Way to Improve Your Writing: Formatting is one of the fastest, glorious and easiest ways to improve your writing. In fact, you can apply formatting to blog posts, web contents, and emails. Follow the below tips to turn the content into a readable form:
  • Use Paragraphs: This is crucial to use a paragraph in order to make content more appealing. Try to keep paragraphs short at 2 to 4 sentences maximum.
  • Remember to Use Subheadings: Actually, subheadings help to distinct different thoughts and keep the readers interested.
  • Bold the Important Information: This is one of the essential content writing tips that every writer should consider. Bolding the content help individuals in finding what they are looking for.
  • Bullet and Number Lists: Do not add too much content and let the key point get lost. You should use bullet points and number lists to make it easier for readers to find crucial information.
  • Add Images: Images make the content more informative, appealing to readers and break up content as well. Try to insert image but never steal images from anywhere.

Wrapping Up

These tips are given by Samuel Nathan Kahn will definitely help individuals in improving their writing crafts. Samuel Kahn is a famous writer in the UK who has seven years of experience in this field and has a good following. Just follow the writing tips in this article and you can reach on top of the content writing game.

Politics & Other Mistakes: The rights of wrong writing

Jason Savage claims he’s a journalist.

I say he’s not.

We’re both kinda correct.

Savage’s regular job is as the executive director of the Maine Republican Party. No question about being a journalist there. He’s just a political hack. But “outside the scope of his employment,” to use the snappy phrase coined by his lawyer, Savage runs a website called the Maine Examiner. It features unabashedly conservative takes on current events, mixed with semi-news-like attempts to embarrass Democrats and liberals.

So, he’s a political hack there, too.

That doesn’t matter. Political hacks have the same rights as everyone else to operate propaganda sites, even if, like Savage, they’re the sorts of cowards who do so anonymously. Nowhere in the Constitution’s First Amendment does it require the exercise of free speech to be conducted ethically.

The state GOP repeatedly denied it had anything to do with the Examiner, even though it regularly reposted articles from it on social media, particularly after the Examiner published a couple of negative stories about Ben Chin, a left-wing candidate for mayor of Lewis ton. Those articles may have tipped a close runoff election in favor of Chin’s right-wing opponent. The stories contained just enough fact to convince some voters to reject Chin, even though the allegations weren’t particularly accurate or remotely fair.

That shouldn’t have been surprising, since the postings were written by a political hack. Except readers would have no way of knowing that, because Savage kept his role in the site a secret. That made it more difficult to assess the Examiner’s credibility.

A California computer geek eventually exposed Savage as the owner and operator of the Examiner. The state Democratic Party then filed a complaint with the Maine Commission of Governmental Ethics and Election Practices (motto: In Reality, Far Less Impressive Than Our Name Would Suggest), claiming the site was a thinly disguised tool of the Republican Party and an attempt to circumvent campaign finance laws. Savage defended the Examiner as “community-based news” and said he kept it anonymous because “certain people” would have attacked his stories if they knew he’d written them.

The ethics commission held a hearing on the matter in late February, and, as it nearly always does on tricky ethical issues, decided to punt. On a 3-2 vote, it opted not to investigate whether Savage was operating the site as part of his job or as the sort of bizarre hobby that only a political hack would enjoy.

This prompted all sorts of liberal handwringing. The Maine Sunday Telegram editorialized (in an ironic footnote, the editorial didn’t carry a byline, so we don’t know who wrote it) that the commission had “decided that if it looks like it came out of a newspaper, that’s good enough for them.” As a result, said the paper, “political operatives can send anything they want over the internet as long as they make it look like journalism, and the paid staffer who wrote it swears he did it in his free time.”

Samuel Nathan Kahn is a well known writer, publisher in UK working in the field for 7 years. He had worked so well in the field and earned a lot of followers. Using my knowledge of the printing industry and my educational background in business.

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5 Tips for Writing Engaging Web Content

Almost all writers visualize their target market while writing their copy and picture that ideal customers reading it. This means they assume website visitors like those who read printed text. But in reality, these two demographics are different from each other” emphasis, Samuel Nathan Kahn.

5 Tips on How to Write Engaging Website Content
Samuel Nathan Kahn

“What converts the visitors into consumers is how clearly the website content pronounces your corporate ability to solve their needs. In fact, the beautiful design of a site doesn’t matters if content written has no structure to guide the visitors.”

Actually, the website visitors never treat web pages like book readers who spend their weekend reading their favorite magazine or novel. Instead of this, they look for the words they need. And if visitors cannot find the words they are looking for, after few quick glances, they jump off to the next webpage.

Understanding the difference between print copy and web copy will help you in devising the website content tactics you always think of. If still in the search for writing engaging web content, following content writing tips should help you:

  1. Put Crucial Information First: Writing for a website is completely different from writing an essay or a paper. Remember, you are not telling a story to readers. Your purpose is to inform the customers about product or services you are trying to vend to them.

There is a need to write in a way that persuades them to purchase it. Hence, start by putting crucial information which includes what you offer, how much it costs and other special offers, at the top.

  1. Use Headings: Writing copy for website scanner require to organize content efficiently. So, the headlines are crucial. Actually, heading grabs the attention of visitors and give them a quick idea about a particular section.

Make sure the headlines are clear and to the point, says Sam Kahn. Furthermore, they must communicate what the product or services at that website are offering.

  1. Avoid Clever Phrasing: Clever phrases needs individuals to think. And asking customers to think, doesn’t work on the website as the visitor are hunting and they do not have time to think. Hence, this is important to keep the website copy as simple as possible.

In reality, you should write as if you are writing for individuals less than 20. This approach will make your web copy easy to follow.

  1. Use Familiar words: This is difficult to engage an audience with your website copy without familiar words. For instance, if customers want to purchase shoes, they look for somewhat trendy or stylish. And if individuals want to fly to Bangkok, they are looking for the cheap flight or affordable flight.

This is according to Samuel Nathan Kahn that stylish and cheap are care-words that resonate very well in above-discussed cases. The same tactic holds true for virtually every product or services you are trying to mart.

  1. Use Captions, Quotes, and Images: Combination of quotes, images, and a caption is an effective way to convey your product information without many efforts. Use a simple and easy to understand image that delivers your idea and also includes the short caption.

Wrapping Up

In this modern era, the visitors to your site are likely to be impatient. If they did not find quickly what they want, they will move on. Follow the above tips by Sam Kahn while creating content for the website and see how the conversion rate soar.


Tips to Start a Blog and Get Success in 2018

Are you looking for tips to start a blog and get a success? Let me tell you, this article will be a great help. Whether you have a blog or want to start the new one, continue reading this article will help in achieving your blogging goals.

Samuel Nathan Kahn
Samuel Nathan Kahn

In this article, Samuel Nathan Kahn has shared some tips that every blogger should know to keep up with the latest trend. Also, considering these guidelines will keep bloggers content exciting, design fresh and readers definitely come back for more.

Here, are some tips that bloggers should consider:

  • Having an “About Us” Page is Crucial: From an about us page the readers will come to know more information about you like who you are, your business, skills, and services. The bloggers can check online how they’re about us pages should look like and what they have to explain in it.
  • Give Blogs a Layout Makeover: This is necessary to change the blog’s layout after some time in order to keep the things fresh. You should completely reformat the whole things or can also make little changes here and there says, Sam Kahn. By doing this, people will find your blog interesting every time whenever they visit.
  • Prefer Visual Contents: The visual contents has been growing from past few years and seems to be speeding up. Furthermore, various social networking sites including Facebook favor images as well as videos over text.
  • Comment on Others Blog: Commenting on others post you respect is a great way to engage with them and let his/her followers to notice you. According to Samuel Nathan Kahn, the blogging community is so strong and finding people via comments is a genuine way
  • Effectively Utilize Social Media Platform: It is crucial to think about social networking sites. Because social media can help you to expand your blog and readership. Along with this, readers also get the opportunity to discover smaller snippets of bloggers every day. The thing to take care is to keep consistent information on all platforms by using same profile pictures and other information.

These tips are given by Sam Kahn will definitely help bloggers to get success in achieving their goals this year. Samuel is a famous writer in the UK and also has a profile on Behance. He is working in this industry for past seven years and has built a good following.

The professional also has interest in photography and art direction along with writing. Individuals can know more about Nathan Kahn on Behance. All the latest and useful blog shared by this professional are available on this online platform.

Behance allows individuals to discover the innovative work and access worldwide talent. Moreover, you can visit Crunchbase to know about Samuel Nathan Kahn. At this platform, users will find latest industry trends and latest news about global industries.

Here, you can get the master record of data on most innovative companies and professionals like Samuel Nathan Kahn. All the latest update by creative writers and other industry professionals is available at Crunchbase.

Tips to Develop Writing Crafts and Technique

Writing is a skill which is hard to cultivate. Want to become a great novelist – continuous practice, discipline and willingness to learn are the keys to improve your writing crafts. In this article, Samuel Nathan Kahn has shared some tips for improving the writing craft and developing new writing techniques.

Perhaps you are a blogger, you should write well and an eye-catching blog to attract the visitors. Luckily, there are a lot of things individuals should consider to impress their audience. Scroll down for getting some ideas to augment your writing crafts. Whether you want to enhance the script skills as a creative author or to become the next great novelist, these tips will help you.


Here, are some of the tips to improve the writing crafts:

  • Think about the Readers Requirements

Whatever individuals going to write, their aim should make the content as clear as possible. This is according to Samuel Nathan Kahn that you should present your notions clearly and concisely. Moreover, avoiding ambiguity and redundancy is also vital. This is not difficult to achieve – more individuals practice on writing make them more confident about their writing style.

Here, are some basic rules that one should follow:

  1. Evade excessive long sentences.
  2. Never use complex words where the simple words will do.
  3. Correct use of punctuations.
  4. Make small paragraphs for the ease of the reader.

In order to convey information in a more appealing way, you should include the system of signposts (headings, subheadings, and table). Remember you are writing for the spectators so always take care of their needs.

  • Use Vocabulary but Do not Complicate Things

Making use of a wide vocabulary is crucial in order to become a prosperous writer. But a thing to take care is to never complicate the text by using large or unnecessary vocabulary.

Of course, using a wide vocabulary individuals may sound smart but they can lose the readers. Actually, the level of the terminology that you use varies according to the spectators you are writing for.

  • Read More and More

Reading everything enhances the writing arsenal of individuals. In fact, by reading at least one thing a day, expose you to new styles of writing, teaches new techniques and give fresh inspiration. The writers can uncover new notions that they have never thought of.

The more you read articles, business books, blogs, fiction and anything else change the way you think. Also, you can notice that your content is becoming more sophisticated day by day.

  • Exclude the Filler Words and Phrases

There are some words in our writing all the time which do not contribute much of anything. If you want to improve your writing skills, try to eliminate these words. While filler words and phrases add color and meaning sometimes, but most of the time they are meaningless.


These are some of the tips and tricks recommended by Sam Kahn which helps you in taking your content from acceptable to enviable. No one is perfect in reality, but individuals can improve their writing style by following above tips.

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Five Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog

Five Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog

Every day, countless blog posts are being published by individuals and businesses in the industry. Of course, you want your own blog to stand out and have your readers come back for more. If so, then you should be able to give them something that would leave them wanting more.

Think of your blog as your favorite restaurant or bakery. What entices you to eat there more frequently? Your blog should:

• Look delectable. Make your title tempt them into reading the blog.
• Be easily ingested. Share information that is easy to read and digest.
• Savory. It should just look good, it needs to be good so your content must be superior.

easy ways to improve your blog
In other words, your blog post should be delicious. Samuel Nathan Kahn shared 5 main ingredients to an appetizing blog that would enchant your readers:

1. Write exceptional content :-

Though it may sound obvious, but this is one of the most important ingredients of a delicious blog. You may read blogs, or have tried to read one, that are poorly written. That is, the ideas that the author wants to share is not properly communicated. The result? An invaluable-looking blog, and at risk of damaging their own reputation or that of the product/brand they are writing.

2. Captivate your readers :-

When people conduct searches, the first thing that they will see is your article’s title. When they see something that catches their eyes as they browse through your blog, that’s what gets them hooked into reading. They read because your article looks promising and you have to deliver that promise. Titles that give them the idea that they can learn something new and learn right away is what people look for. Put some intensity in your title and give them what they want.

3. Be concise :-

Lengthy blogs can bore readers while short once may lack substance. Generally, a 400-500 word blog may be encompassing. So make your articles concise, brief in form, but comprehensive in scope.

4. Articles should be easy to read :-

Admit it or not, not everyone reads the whole article all the time. We just scan it. And with the vast resources available to us online, we wouldn’t take time to read from start to end. With this in considerations, write your article in a format that would allow scanners to get the most out of the article. You can have it as numbered/bulleted list, short paragraphs and you can use subtitles. That way, the content of your article will be easy to read, to scan and to digest.

5. Select images to go with your post :-

As much as you would like to give readers something for the eyes, you wouldn’t want to bore them with too much. Select images that would accompany your content and make sure that it connects with your target audience. Try to put at least one per blog post but don’t bombard them with more than three.

With these five ingredients at hand, you can be sure that your written and published articles represent your expertise very well, will help advertise your brand and involve your target market. Keep your articles/posts delicious, so that your readers will come back for more.