Interesting fact behind Incredible Wildlife Photography

wildlife photography

We love to interact with Mother Nature in many ways. Looking at the rising Sun from window, listening to birds chirping, noise of ocean waves and many more examples are here when we get a chance from our busy schedule to embrace the beauty of nature. Many of my friends have different hobbies to rejuvenate their mood from life’s busy merry-go-round. I love to be getting closer to nature and admire every single piece of her creation. My love for wildlife photography always inspires me to never look back to any other option. You will be curious to know about the reason behind it. Here is the answer.

wildlife photography

In spite of everything, we are still caveman

We from Our origin used to live in caves and was more close to the nature. In spite of living in big houses or flats, by heart we are still caveman. We always in hunt of getting closer to nature, that’s why we enjoy go on walk, being on beach, watching sunset, gazing at stars, and going camping. Witnessing some incredible moments when you go to any jungle safari, thrills your soul.

Most exciting facts you know about wildlife when you get in too deep of it. Wildlife photography gives you a way to witness all the incredible moments. Some of the facts of incredible nature are

Squirrels usually forget where they put their acorns and plant thousands of trees to hide.

Do you know this fact that Rat laughs when tickled?

Dolphins have name for each other.

Dogs’ nose prints are as unique as human fingerprints and can be used to identify them. So nature is all around us.

incredible wildlife photography
The power of Nature is in your Hand

Wild life photographers more often do not get their perfect shots in one or two day. Continuous patience, endless wait for capturing a split second. We cannot change the seasons, animal behavior and light. Almighty nature have its own rules which has to be followed by everyone. Sometimes we cannot click pictures if animals are too far and we can’t go too closer to them. They might kill us and we can’t do anything to save us but it doesn’t happen not in wildlife photographer’s life. With years of knowledge and experience wild life photographers learn how to deal with all this. We don’t control the animal behavior. We change according to them to get the perfect shots.

Living in the moment

Wildlife photographers always in hunt of the perfect click, for this they go to as much as closer to the animal but how animals feel about us. Do they like us?  I wonder if they sense our bad intentions and flee away. According to them we are good or bad people. Besides thinking about past or future I always try to be in present, completely with animals and must be alert for our safety too.

Wild life photography is an exciting yet thrilling profession. It’s all about clutching your camera and proceeding in to nature.


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