5 Simple Tips to Become a Better Writer

Tips to become a better writer

How to be a better writer. It is easy if you follow these five powerful steps as explained below. Use them, think about them and see your writing improve in a short time!

5 simple tips to become a better writer

1) Read

This is common advice but it really should be the cornerstone of your efforts to improve yourself as a writer. You come in to contact with more ideas, more point of view, more varying voices that will inspire you and also help you find your own unique voice amongst them all.

2) Learn languages

Some of the greatest writers in world literature spoke several languages. Speaking more than one language makes you even better with words and expressing yourself, because in each language expression or how you say things is slightly different. If you speak a foreign languages it also enables you to read their literature and take part in their unique world view which is useful for creating characters with different backgrounds.

3) Write frequently

Practice makes perfect, so they say. Writing regularly is important for finding your voice and also for developing an expressive ability. The more you express yourself in writing the better you get at it. Think of it like going to gym regularly to build muscle, but in this case you are building your writing muscle instead! Write in different notebooks, write on your laptop and on paper, write with different pencils or pens and see what works for you. When you find something comfortable for you it can help you stay inspired and overcome writers block!

4) Challenge yourself

Take an everyday object for example a book. Then look at it through the eyes of an alien, a small child, a scientist and a rebellious teenager and write about it from their perspective. This ability to shift perspective is very important for creating characters and help you break out of limited ways of thinking and expressing yourself. Challenge yourself by setting a goal to write for 15 minutes or 1 or 2 pages every single day.

5) Read poetry

Poetry is like writing on crack. With poetry every word has to count because poetry is about expression is the purest possible form. You should read and also write poetry, it will definitely add depth to your writing and help to make it more concise and focused. It is another form of writing but playing around with it will make you a more rounded writer.


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