8 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

improve your writing skills

It is easier to write an article when your thoughts about it are well organized. Keeping in mind the following points will allow you to structure your thoughts and reflect them in effectively in your article.

8 ways to improve your writing skills

Clarity of objective – Whether you write to share your experience, or to express an opinion, or to provoke thought, or to propose a solution or to stir an emotion, having clarity about the objective of your writing will help you to structure your writing well.

Target audience – Identify your target audience and put yourself in the reader’s shoes to figure out why they would want to read your article. How is your piece of writing of any use to them? Does it ease their work? Does it inspire your readers or give them an emotional high? When I started writing my blog, initially I wanted to write just to express myself, but after some time I started realizing that there is no fun in writing something that no one is going to read.

Theme – After you have identified the major theme of your post, decide upon the scope, particularly the beginning and the conclusion. If you combine too many themes or pack too many problems in one piece, it will be difficult to comprehend and people may just not like to read it. Similarly, not many people will like to read something with no or little substance in it.

Structure – Develop a flow that is simple, logical and coherent. Brevity in writing, clarity of thoughts and use of appropriate expressions, help in holding the reader’s attention. If you want to discuss an issue, then describe the issue, clarify your stand on the issue and give reasons. If you have a solution to a problem, then states the problem, describe how the problem affects people and state what could be the possible solutions.

Expression – Be objective in your writing. Do not jump to conclusions for which you do not have ample evidence. At the same time, do not dump data without giving your inferences. Too much data is statistics that does not register with the readers; instead it is better to isolate a case, pick up a story line and give a narrative of the particular case. Either way it is necessary to strike the right emotions.

Headlines – Catchy headlines are memorable, they arouse the readers’ curiosity and urge them to read through the body. Research shows that the use of numbers and action words like ‘6 Ways To Improve Your Memory’ or ‘How To Come Up With Creative Ideas’ result in a higher number of clicks.

Visual impact – Use of appropriate images break the monotony of reading and help in creating recall. With more and more readers using mobile devices to access content, people generally skim through the content as their attention span decreases. As such, even with quality content, it is difficult to hold the attention of readers if there is too much of text without any images. Having said that, I need to emphasize that images can complement but cannot be a substitute for, quality content, unless of course your post is about photography or art.

Proof reading – Read your article a number a number of times and make necessary changes till you are satisfied that it clearly conveys your message.

Keeping in mind follow these simple tips shared by Samuel Nathan Kahn


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