Five Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog

Five Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog

Every day, countless blog posts are being published by individuals and businesses in the industry. Of course, you want your own blog to stand out and have your readers come back for more. If so, then you should be able to give them something that would leave them wanting more.

Think of your blog as your favorite restaurant or bakery. What entices you to eat there more frequently? Your blog should:

• Look delectable. Make your title tempt them into reading the blog.
• Be easily ingested. Share information that is easy to read and digest.
• Savory. It should just look good, it needs to be good so your content must be superior.

easy ways to improve your blog
In other words, your blog post should be delicious. Samuel Nathan Kahn shared 5 main ingredients to an appetizing blog that would enchant your readers:

1. Write exceptional content :-

Though it may sound obvious, but this is one of the most important ingredients of a delicious blog. You may read blogs, or have tried to read one, that are poorly written. That is, the ideas that the author wants to share is not properly communicated. The result? An invaluable-looking blog, and at risk of damaging their own reputation or that of the product/brand they are writing.

2. Captivate your readers :-

When people conduct searches, the first thing that they will see is your article’s title. When they see something that catches their eyes as they browse through your blog, that’s what gets them hooked into reading. They read because your article looks promising and you have to deliver that promise. Titles that give them the idea that they can learn something new and learn right away is what people look for. Put some intensity in your title and give them what they want.

3. Be concise :-

Lengthy blogs can bore readers while short once may lack substance. Generally, a 400-500 word blog may be encompassing. So make your articles concise, brief in form, but comprehensive in scope.

4. Articles should be easy to read :-

Admit it or not, not everyone reads the whole article all the time. We just scan it. And with the vast resources available to us online, we wouldn’t take time to read from start to end. With this in considerations, write your article in a format that would allow scanners to get the most out of the article. You can have it as numbered/bulleted list, short paragraphs and you can use subtitles. That way, the content of your article will be easy to read, to scan and to digest.

5. Select images to go with your post :-

As much as you would like to give readers something for the eyes, you wouldn’t want to bore them with too much. Select images that would accompany your content and make sure that it connects with your target audience. Try to put at least one per blog post but don’t bombard them with more than three.

With these five ingredients at hand, you can be sure that your written and published articles represent your expertise very well, will help advertise your brand and involve your target market. Keep your articles/posts delicious, so that your readers will come back for more.


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