Tips to Develop Writing Crafts and Technique

Writing is a skill which is hard to cultivate. Want to become a great novelist – continuous practice, discipline and willingness to learn are the keys to improve your writing crafts. In this article, Samuel Nathan Kahn has shared some tips for improving the writing craft and developing new writing techniques.

Perhaps you are a blogger, you should write well and an eye-catching blog to attract the visitors. Luckily, there are a lot of things individuals should consider to impress their audience. Scroll down for getting some ideas to augment your writing crafts. Whether you want to enhance the script skills as a creative author or to become the next great novelist, these tips will help you.


Here, are some of the tips to improve the writing crafts:

  • Think about the Readers Requirements

Whatever individuals going to write, their aim should make the content as clear as possible. This is according to Samuel Nathan Kahn that you should present your notions clearly and concisely. Moreover, avoiding ambiguity and redundancy is also vital. This is not difficult to achieve – more individuals practice on writing make them more confident about their writing style.

Here, are some basic rules that one should follow:

  1. Evade excessive long sentences.
  2. Never use complex words where the simple words will do.
  3. Correct use of punctuations.
  4. Make small paragraphs for the ease of the reader.

In order to convey information in a more appealing way, you should include the system of signposts (headings, subheadings, and table). Remember you are writing for the spectators so always take care of their needs.

  • Use Vocabulary but Do not Complicate Things

Making use of a wide vocabulary is crucial in order to become a prosperous writer. But a thing to take care is to never complicate the text by using large or unnecessary vocabulary.

Of course, using a wide vocabulary individuals may sound smart but they can lose the readers. Actually, the level of the terminology that you use varies according to the spectators you are writing for.

  • Read More and More

Reading everything enhances the writing arsenal of individuals. In fact, by reading at least one thing a day, expose you to new styles of writing, teaches new techniques and give fresh inspiration. The writers can uncover new notions that they have never thought of.

The more you read articles, business books, blogs, fiction and anything else change the way you think. Also, you can notice that your content is becoming more sophisticated day by day.

  • Exclude the Filler Words and Phrases

There are some words in our writing all the time which do not contribute much of anything. If you want to improve your writing skills, try to eliminate these words. While filler words and phrases add color and meaning sometimes, but most of the time they are meaningless.


These are some of the tips and tricks recommended by Sam Kahn which helps you in taking your content from acceptable to enviable. No one is perfect in reality, but individuals can improve their writing style by following above tips.

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