Tips to Start a Blog and Get Success in 2018

Are you looking for tips to start a blog and get a success? Let me tell you, this article will be a great help. Whether you have a blog or want to start the new one, continue reading this article will help in achieving your blogging goals.

Samuel Nathan Kahn
Samuel Nathan Kahn

In this article, Samuel Nathan Kahn has shared some tips that every blogger should know to keep up with the latest trend. Also, considering these guidelines will keep bloggers content exciting, design fresh and readers definitely come back for more.

Here, are some tips that bloggers should consider:

  • Having an “About Us” Page is Crucial: From an about us page the readers will come to know more information about you like who you are, your business, skills, and services. The bloggers can check online how they’re about us pages should look like and what they have to explain in it.
  • Give Blogs a Layout Makeover: This is necessary to change the blog’s layout after some time in order to keep the things fresh. You should completely reformat the whole things or can also make little changes here and there says, Sam Kahn. By doing this, people will find your blog interesting every time whenever they visit.
  • Prefer Visual Contents: The visual contents has been growing from past few years and seems to be speeding up. Furthermore, various social networking sites including Facebook favor images as well as videos over text.
  • Comment on Others Blog: Commenting on others post you respect is a great way to engage with them and let his/her followers to notice you. According to Samuel Nathan Kahn, the blogging community is so strong and finding people via comments is a genuine way
  • Effectively Utilize Social Media Platform: It is crucial to think about social networking sites. Because social media can help you to expand your blog and readership. Along with this, readers also get the opportunity to discover smaller snippets of bloggers every day. The thing to take care is to keep consistent information on all platforms by using same profile pictures and other information.

These tips are given by Sam Kahn will definitely help bloggers to get success in achieving their goals this year. Samuel is a famous writer in the UK and also has a profile on Behance. He is working in this industry for past seven years and has built a good following.

The professional also has interest in photography and art direction along with writing. Individuals can know more about Nathan Kahn on Behance. All the latest and useful blog shared by this professional are available on this online platform.

Behance allows individuals to discover the innovative work and access worldwide talent. Moreover, you can visit Crunchbase to know about Samuel Nathan Kahn. At this platform, users will find latest industry trends and latest news about global industries.

Here, you can get the master record of data on most innovative companies and professionals like Samuel Nathan Kahn. All the latest update by creative writers and other industry professionals is available at Crunchbase.


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