How you can win the content Writing Game

Samuel Nathan Kahn
Samuel Nathan Kahn

Today’s, online content has become a primary source that people use to communicate with others. No matters whether you are a small business owner, marketer, or a blogger, improving your content writing crafts is crucial to succeeding in the digital world.

More you practice, better you will get, says Samuel Nathan Kahn.

Actually, content writing is a critical skill and mastering it helps people stay apart in the competitive world. Sound difficult? No need to worry!

For people who are looking some tips to improve their content writing abilities in order to become an efficient writer, here are some ways that genuinely help them:

  1. Double Check Your Writing: Rechecking content for spelling mistake is not enough. Because spelling errors are not only things that make the content junky. But difficult to read sentences, overusing adverbs and more passive voice also make it crappy.

You should use different available free to use tools to check the content for common mistakes on a regular basis. Following are some free to use apps for improving your writing skills:

  • Hemingway App
  • Edit Minion
  • Slick Write
  1. Make Killer Headlines Using Some Free Tools: Headline is one of the crucial aspects to consider for writers. This is because a headline can make or break the blog. However, a headline is the reason people decide to read the post, tweet, retweet, and share.

Hence, individuals have to spend some time to come up with an eye-catching or appealing heading. Following tools can grade the headlines and tell if they are not too long or using too many common words etc.:

  • Co Schedule Headline Analyzer.
  • Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer.
  • Share Through Headline Analyzer.

Samuel Nathan Kahn has suggested these free headline analyzer tools that help writers to get most out of the headlines.

  1. Formatting is the Best Way to Improve Your Writing: Formatting is one of the fastest, glorious and easiest ways to improve your writing. In fact, you can apply formatting to blog posts, web contents, and emails. Follow the below tips to turn the content into a readable form:
  • Use Paragraphs: This is crucial to use a paragraph in order to make content more appealing. Try to keep paragraphs short at 2 to 4 sentences maximum.
  • Remember to Use Subheadings: Actually, subheadings help to distinct different thoughts and keep the readers interested.
  • Bold the Important Information: This is one of the essential content writing tips that every writer should consider. Bolding the content help individuals in finding what they are looking for.
  • Bullet and Number Lists: Do not add too much content and let the key point get lost. You should use bullet points and number lists to make it easier for readers to find crucial information.
  • Add Images: Images make the content more informative, appealing to readers and break up content as well. Try to insert image but never steal images from anywhere.

Wrapping Up

These tips are given by Samuel Nathan Kahn will definitely help individuals in improving their writing crafts. Samuel Kahn is a famous writer in the UK who has seven years of experience in this field and has a good following. Just follow the writing tips in this article and you can reach on top of the content writing game.


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