What Content Creation Process Businesses Should Approach

Content creation is one of the most significant strategies to grow your business. In fact, content creation is not just for large companies. Small industries like yours can also benefit from the amazing opportunities content marketing provides.

What Content Creation Process - Samuel Nathan Kahn

In this article, Samuel Nathan Kahn has given his overview of how other businesses approach their process of content creation and what you can learn from them. Actually, a powerful content contributes to the development, retention, engagement, and conversion of your corporate goals.

There are different formats and notions, you should focus on and that what make it a crucial part of a digital strategy. From the past few years, there has been an increasing interest in content advertising and how marketers can profit from it.

There appears a gap however in the best practices around the creation of the content and how businesses use it. Here, you will get useful perceptions on how small and large corporations approach to content writing.

What are the top priorities in content creation?

According to a Samuel Nathan Kahn, the top priorities of content professionals should be to:

  • Create a relationship with spectators
  • Educate the customers
  • Demonstrate expertise and authority
  • Generate Leads

Content creators should focus on various goals from awareness, engagement to lead generation.

How to meet your business goals with content creation?

Once the content creators comprehend the main goals, it is the time to discover how they can apply them to their content calendar. According to a report, the crucial factor for creating a great content is high quality, error-free writing.

success of content creation - Samuel Nathan Kahn

Moreover, content creators should focus on adding value by writing instructional content, while some focus on thought leadership. The strategy depends on the set objectives. This also leads to the verdicts around the good content types to use for each goal emphasis, Samuel Nathan Kahn.

But, this does not mean that these best practices cannot alter for each content creators. Actually, they still need to show how they are going to meet their goals.

Different challenges in the content creation

Content creators can face a lot of challenges while trying to create a successful content creation strategy. According to report, most of the content creator struggle with the lack of resources.

This may be a combination of the budget as well as the staff that corporations have to improve if they want to upsurge the focus on content creation. Another challenge is the lack of time, which is also linked to defy of the resources.

Actually, the increasing need for quality content from companies increases the expectations from content creators. This tends to have the reverse effects for a corporation to shift focus from quality to quantity, Samuel Nathan Kahn says.

Therefore, content creators should educate the businesses on the significance of spending the accurate amount of time for each content. Furthermore, there is no need for another blog post if it does not meet your company’s standard.

How you can measure the success of content creation

After analysis the opportunities and challenges, you should focus on the metrics about content. The best way to measure the success of your content is to look for page views, the time individuals spend on the website and downloads or signups. There are different metrics to measure the content success Samuel Nathan added. However, there is still a need to focus on the main KPIs.


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