What Content Marketing Tools You Should Utilize to Reach Massive Audience

Samuel Nathan Kahn

Content is created to fulfill a particular purpose and if it fails to reach the spectators at the right time it loses its value. The most common reason behind the failure of a content is its quality says, Samuel Nathan Kahn.

Today, every individual is trying to write more valuable and inventive content to drive their names up in the search engine result pages. This is because the battle for content quality is rising continually.

Samuel Nathn kahn - SEO content
Samuel Nathan Kahn – SEO content

Hence, only the good quality content can reach the top. One of the secrets to success with content distribution is to provide value. However, there is a need to convey the content to the appropriate audience.

Most of the industries focus mainly on creating content and overlook the distribution part. Then how the content will reach the target audience. Luckily there is the number of tools that help companies deliver content to the right audience at the right time.

Here are some SEO content distribution channels that you should use:

Lesson 1: Share and determine only the best marketing content

You can use Zest – a Google Chrome extension that place some content curated especially for marketers. The purpose of this Chrome extension is to help content marketers choose the genuinely useful, innovative and actionable information they need to stay on the top of their industry. In case if your target spectators include online marketers, this is where your content needs to be.

How the tool Works:

The active members on Zest recommend the content they found valuable. After this, a group of super-user volunteers go through it and decides if it’s a good or bad for the community.

And then the useful contents are sent to main moderators to confirm they meet rigorous quality standards emphasis, Samuel Nathan Kahn. This content marketing tool offers extra revelation to approve and feature content and also boost up to 10 times more clicks.

Lesson 2: Cultivate your social following and promote your content to influencers

 Social media is the best platform to grow your following. Quuu help companies and individuals on social media grow their following by posting content. Furthermore, it will help content makers promote their content to influencers.

How Quuu Works:

Actually, the influencers have to sign up with Quuu for content recommendations. And when the content providers sign up with Quuu promote, their content lands among those suggestions. Moreover, the content has to pass promotion guidelines and review process of Quuu.

Content submissions are suggested only to social media influencers taking interest in those topics or industries. Only those influencers share the high-quality content who find it appropriate for their spectators.

Lesson 3: Share eBooks with product devotees, creators, and investors

Product Hunt is a community of latest product supporters, creator, advertiser, and investors. Here, you can launch your products to the group of people who are ready to embrace them. In fact, it is also a great platform to share eBooks.

How Product Hunt Works:

You have to create a personal account in order to become a contributor. Only after that, you have access to the posts. You should write a landing page in order to entice users to your eBook. This platform inspires creators to fright conversation and engages with the readers on the product pages.

These are three tools by Samuel Nathan Kahn that you should utilize to reach a huge audience. The professional is a writer, publisher in the UK with seven years of experience in the field.


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